Homologated racing suits

Official limited edition racing suit
3 Heat Stress Control models
Top-of-the-range suits for an exceptional event

  • Tour Auto Optic 2ooo ST3000 HSC racing suit
  • Tour Auto Optic 2ooo ST221 HSC racing suit
Copyrighted - please click for more information Made-to-measure Slow down core temperature increasing Aramid fabric Hand made Embroidering available 2 layers Perspiration

Technical data

3 FIA 8856-2000 homologated racing suits:

- ST3000 HSC:
The ultimate breathable & stretchable racing suit
Developped with doctors in laboratories
Floating sleeves and tailored pockets

- ST221 HSC:
The new Stand 21 breathable material
Very nice shiny aesthetics
Floating sleeves and tailored pockets

- ST215 HSC:
Authentic “Vintage” look with exceptional breathability!
No floating sleeves and applied pockets