K221 HSC

The most technical go-karting racing suit in the world.
Stretchable, breathable and light to maximize your performance.
A wide choice of colors.

Delivery time: from 3 to 5 weeks.

To guarantee exceptional resistance to abrasion and to tears encountered in go-karting while still ensuring optimum mobility, Stand 21 has developed for the K221 HSC racing suit a high strength 100% polyester micro-ventilated fiber.
Fabric stretchability also allows you to keep your racing suit longer in case of size gain.

  • Customized K221 HSC go-kart suit - ©ACO
Copyrighted - please click for more information Special design Made-to-measure Slow down core temperature increasing Hand made Embroidering available 2 layers Perspiration Stretchable
Available colors for this design:
Red Orange Yellow Vintage blue Royal blue Navy blue Black White Grey Beige Green

Technical data

- Not CIK-FIA certified
- High strength, breathable and stretchable made outside layer
- 100% cotton inside layer
- Floating sleeves
- Pre-formed sleeves
- Tailored pockets
- Anti-injury inner-belt
- Options:
• Elbow protection for two-stroke engine series
• Collar, cuffs colors and floating sleeves